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The Wall of Honor

I welcome you to the COFCO Center Ground Breaking Ceremony. Today was an important day for us, the city of Phoenix, and the local community, and we hope today will be remembered as an important day in history.

Mr. FuLi Lin
Mr. FuLi Lin


  • COFCO - for their leadership and vision
  • Arizona and City of Phoenix governments - for tireless support, understanding, and assistance throughout the process
  • Local Communities - for their blessing
  • Chinese Community - for their tireless support and
  • The Media - for working so hard to inform the community about this wonderful project.
  • This day would have never arrived had it not been for your support!
Master Huang Runtian
Master Huang Runtian

Above Master Huang Runtian, feng shui master, is performing feng shui rituals at the ground breaking ceremony at the COFCO Center in Phoenix.

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